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Roller derby is a full-contact sport on rollerskates. 2 teams skate fast at an oval track. A team can score points when their ‘jammer’ passes opponent skaters. The ‘blockers’ can prevent the jammer by playing defensive, or help their own jammer by offering offence. Want to know more about roller derby? Click here.

The Parliament of Pain is the first and only roller derby league in the Hague. With over 60 active members (all genders and ages) PoP is a fast-growing league. We organise open events where people can come and watch our teams play or try out roller derby themselves!

PoP is runned by its members who do this 100% voluntarily. This is why we need sponsors to help us train and organise awesome events!

Your logo/name:

- on our website
- on the PoP social media

- in the information- and event booklets
- on our scoreboards during events
-announced during events

How can you help?
There are endless possibilities for you to sponsor us. We can always talk about what we can do for each other. We describe the most usual sponsorships:
Each event we organise a raffle where people can win amazing prizes sponsored by our sponsors. We ask members and sponsors to donate fun items. We also arrange food for our officials and volunteers during events. PoP members cook pies and make salads, but we would love to see someone sponsoring some food.
You can also help is by giving the PoP members discount at your shop or website.
We always welcome donations! In fact, we’re currently collecting money for our own canteen. 

What's in it for you?

We proudly present our sponsors:


Want to become a SPONSOR of The Parliament of Pain? Don't hesitate to CONTACT us!