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Become an official

Does Roller Derby sound awesome to you? You want to join this community and be a part of games, but can’t or don’t want to join a team? The Parliament of Pain is always recruiting officials!

If you do want to skate, you can join as an aspiring referee. These are the skating officials. In order to referee roller derby games, you need to master a certain skill set. Skating skills, but also the rules and how to see and call penalties, award points, etc. Our Ministry of Officials will gladly help you find your way in this! Aspiring referees can join twice a year during the FRESH MEAT PROGRAM. During the fresh meat events, you can attend our Open Training on Sunday evenings, and then, after signing up as a member, you can also join the Thursday practices.

We are always looking for Non-Skating Officials (NSO’s). These are the people in and around the track making sure the game runs smoothly, penalties are being noted and enforced, and tracking the score. You can join as an NSO at any moment! We will teach you all you need to know. All you need is eNSOthusiasm and a willingness to use pencil and paper and/or a stopwatch. It is a great way to be involved in the Roller Derby community without skating. If you want to become a referee but still need to wait a few months for a fresh meat program, consider joining as an NSO so you can start learning about the game and the rules straight away! The Parliament of Pain hosts 1 training game per month and usually a competition event every other month.


If you have any questions about officiating with The Parliament of Pain, please don't hesitate to contact us through:



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