About pop

Founded in August 2011, The Parliament of Pain (PoP) is the first and only Flat Track Roller Derby league of The Hague. We play roller derby because it's a fun and exciting combination of skating, speed, strategy, and physical exertion!

We have a single, mixed-gender & mixed-level team, the Aces, and a skilled team of officials: the PoPficials. The league consists of - more or less - 40 skating members, referees, and non-skating officials. We practice 2 to 3 times a week; the training sessions are intense, yet varied and a great workout for both experienced and starting skaters.

If you want to JOIN our league, read more about our Fresh Meat Program.
If you have any QUESTIONS about The Parliament of Pain, simply go to our contact page

No Pain, No Gain...
PoP PoP, Gas Er op!


Monthly scrimmage

We have a monthly scrimmage (first Tuesday of each month at 20:00) which is open to both external skaters (MST-passed) and external officials (confident on skates and/or shoes, but no officiating experience necessary)!  In July 2024, the scrimmage will be on the 2nd Tuesday, July 9th.

Sign up as an official here, or as a skater here

Skate & eet

In addition, we have regular Skate & Eet sessions, all-gender high(er) level open trainings for more experienced skaters wanting to train at their level and up their skills! 

What to expect: Hard-hitting, fast-paced drills, specific skills, with optional scrimmage to end the training. 


For upcoming GAMES, check out the EVENTS on our Facebook page.